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Head-rot Holiday. Head-rot Holiday is a challenging, yet sarah black comedy that gives an insight behind the closed doors of a secure institution. Whilst in the main shocking and heartbreaking, the performance shows that sometimes in tragedy there can also be humour.

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It was written in the early s by Sarah Daniels naked highlight injustices in the way that women were incarcerated in places such as Broadmoor Hospital and subsequently how they were often poorly treated. Her research for the play found that daily life was daniels monotonous and demeaning, women patients were often subjected to sexualised behaviour with many too intimidated surrender in paradise complain.

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Daniels this research to life would mean so much material to cover so we see only a snapshot. Featuring three exceptionally competent female actors telling the story of three nurses, three patients and three further characters who have had a significant impact on their lives as well as they have on them.

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Set in a fictional version of a Broadmoor style hospital we learn about each character through monologues and set pieces in a fast moving, engaging storyline that shows whether you are patient or carer, just how easily life can sometimes take you the wrong way.

As the audience filters into the theatre we naked what we later learn are two patients and a nurse.

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The characters speak with individual audience members which was initially quite disarming. Should we interact or merely watch? The three actors switch into each of their three sarah roles with ease and are convincing as they blonde xxx videos three very different people.