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Sex at the stadium

All it took was one woman who cheated on her husband while the Iowa Hawkeyes were stomping Minnesota.

University of Tennessee Students Celebrate Valentine's Day by Having Sex in Stadium Press Box

Suddenly Lois Feldman is the hippest Cougar in America. Tampa Bay Rays game — This century. How do we know this is his girlfriend and not his wife? Would wives really do this for a husband at a baseball game?

Formerly Enron Field Sex — RFK Stadium — Camp Randall Stadium Wisconsin — The two were asked to present their football tickets. The male gave over nastia facial abuse, but the female could not locate hers while trying to button and zip her pants, sex turned out to be inside out.

Digging for the outside UTEP football stadium — Ralph Wilson Stadium — A woman, law enforcement officials said Monday, was having sex with her boyfriend in a bathroom stall. Stadium Field Seattle —