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But when Dr. Ruth Westheimer entered fresh teens porn public consciousness in the s, she was something of a pioneer.

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Sure, there was sex advice available, but the diminutive German struck a nerve by being plainspoken and decidedly non-salacious, even as she advocated for club, sex toys, and pretty much anything that two consenting adults wanted to do. But as Ask Dr. Ruth lets the doctor herself do most of the heavy lifting in her life story.

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Next question! Though she exchanged letters with her parents, she would never see them again—as she confirmed many years later, they were murdered in the Holocaust.

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These years are brought to life by Ask Dr. Ruth with dreamy, storybook-like animations—a movies overused sex technique that mostly works in this case.

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Personal photos and home movies document her moves to Israel—where she trained as a sniper! A delightful detail: That was the year she volunteered to host a late-night radio show, whose fluke success led to an unexpected career not just in radio but also TV and books. But underneath the fun, funny exterior, Westheimer was always advocating, and never subtly. More than once in Ask Dr.