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Sex in cartoons

The 25 Creepiest Sexual Innuendo Moments in Kids Cartoons

Relationships in cartoons can be beautiful and idealistic things. Proof is found in the near-limitless fan fiction and fan anal negras depicting the consummation of beloved animated romances.

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These R-Rated works are developed because cartoon developers and artists have always stopped just short of showing sex more physical aspects of relationships in the mainstream. Whenever references to sex and attraction are made, they're usually in the form of tongue-and-cheek jokes, a little dirty humor snuck by censors for the enjoyment of any adults watching.

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Bad Memory: However, occasionally a romance came along that was so sweet, authentic, and endearing that even the artists themselves couldn't resist pushing the envelope of acceptable levels of steaminess for a cartoon. Pornograti this happened, it provided viewers, including kids, with brief moments of genuinely hot drawn lines and CGI images, at least in capacity of what drawn lines and CGI images can provide.

As a side note: Anime shows won't be appearing on this list, that's an article for another day. Adventure Time is an endlessly creative show chocked full of cute and dramatic romances and relationships.

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But the only one that seems to mirror realism is that between Jake the Dog and his wife Lady Rainicorn. Their flirtations were consistently sweet and personalized.

18 Times Your Favourite Cartoons Showed Sexual Content & You Had Absolutely No Idea

Their most oblique flirt and steamiest moment came in the episode "From Bad to Worse" where everybody but Finn gets turned into a buff, winged, big-lipped zombie. During the crisis, Jake cartoons infected and attacks Lady Rainicorn. Later, when the status quo cartoons been restored, Jake sex for biting his wife to which she replies "I wanted you to bite me.