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Sex in the bath

My Husband and I Took a Sexy Bath With a Jelly Bomb and HOO BOY

Let me get it outta the way: Baths bella rossi femdom be gross. I mean, fine, but I don't want to go through the whole minute ordeal of cleaning the tub, filling the tub, and then getting in the tub for three minutes in heaven. Especially not when my bed is made of a cloud, and it's dry and warm, and if I drop my Kindle or phone on it, I definitely won't die.

I can't say the same for baths!

Exactly How to Have Sex in a Bathtub

However, there are some exceptions to the bath rule: And when you combine the dope tub with the deliciousness of a bath bomb? Game on!

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First, have you seen those bath bombs? They look all normal, until you put them in water and they turn into something else altogether: With that in mind, I headed to Lush to buy the bomb.

Is it safe to have sex in bath tub? Keep these 7 things in mind

We are not ready for that jelly, as a country. I was bummed and a little bit relieved, until the lady at the store said I could order them from the U. So, I ordered a bunch of bath bombs and waited for them to arrive.