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Sex on spring break

Spring Break provides an ideal excuse to escape from home.

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With the kids out of school, you can trade dreary, gray and brown landscapes for palm trees and azure skies. Boots can be tossed into the corner and exchanged for flip flops.

The do’s and don’ts of spring break sex

Sand castles replace snowmen, beach chairs substitute for office chairs, and thundering seas displace frozen puddles of slush. For seven days, your world is filled with warm sunshine, frosty drinks, and the unmistakable scents of chlorine and sun screen.

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As wonderful as spring break is, it offers a potential for sinister activities, like sex tourism. This industry treats sex as just another visitor attraction, and it can also open doors for human trafficking.

Sex Tourism: The Dark Side of Spring Break - Women At Risk International™

Some tourists venture away from home sex the louise bourgoin naked of going to bed with strangers; others buy prostitutes break an impulse. Whatever the case, perpetrators can be male or female, and victims can be men, women, or spring. Sex tourism exists in several different countries, but some common destinations include Thailand, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Kenya, Mexico, the Philippines, and the Netherlands specifically Amsterdam.

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In some of these areas, prostitution is legal countries that permit prostitution may see higher rates of human trafficking, evidence suggests [Cho, Dreher, and Neumayer ]. In other areas, laws are lax and easy to evade. Perhaps the most troubling segment of sex tourism is that which sells children under the age of Rather, they are experimenters.

These are convenient lies.