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Please enable Javascript to take full advantage of our site features. Edit Sexgirls Sell This Item. Vinyl7". I'd sexgirls with Jenene once, recording a version of 'Ziggy Stardust' on a 4 track, so I knew she could sing.

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Me and Don Conner had been in Cement Trampoline together, and we wanted to keep playing after sexgirls band broke up. We originally planned to just drink beer and play Ramones and NY Dolls covers, have fun basically.

That pretty much went out the window when I started writing songs, because I started getting really seriously into it then. I knew I wanted to work with a female vocalist, and I just called Jenene up.

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I never even considered anybody else. Miss Lisa was actually a pantyhose upskirt video sex girl herself, and the song was inspired by her and her co-workers experiences. Soon we were living together as a couple, and she joined the Kittens shortly after that.

I taught her how to play guitar, and she picked it up pretty quickly, but when we recorded these tracks she hadn't been playing long, and she just did backing vocals. Her real contribution was the narrative bits.