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Sophie sativa

Sophie is not the biggest fan of her new stepdad. It seems like every sativa guy her mom marries, either doesnt last too long or is a total douche. As for this americas top tranny guy, Sophie barely acknowledges his existence and continues to live in her own small world.

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One day as shes walking through the living room, he tries to stir up some conversation, but it fails. He really wants her to feel like hes someone she sativa trust, so he decides to go into her room and have a little chat with her about who he is, his intentions, etc.

Sophie explains her repressed feelings, and dad totally understands. He extends the offer that she sophie talk to him about anything at all.

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Sophies naughty self then right away brings up how she has never seen a guys thing before. Dad tries to steer away from that, but she insists on learning about the real thing.

Trying to get on her good side, he whips it out for her to see.

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She goes to touch it right away, which he really didnt want, but after her first feel she continued to want to maybe even put it in her mouth and daddy surely did not say no.

After a good sucking, dad takes his spit lubed cock and desi mms tube it all over Sophies tight virgin pussy until shes ready to explode.

He then sticks it in giving sophie the best lesson in sex she will probably ever have.

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