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These are external links and will open in a new window. Police in South Korea have arrested one the owners of a notorious revenge porn site banned in Korean police say the website's owners made money from illegal brothel and gambling ads on the site.

South Korea revenge porn: Sora owner arrested

But the suspect, surnamed Song, has denied this, saying the site's users created the illegal content. Producing and disseminating pornography is illegal in South Korea.

She is one of four people, including her husband, who ran the site from tousing overseas servers, the Korea Herald reports. The other three, who have foreign passports, remain at large. Many of the website's spy-cam videos were taken secretly in toilets and store changing rooms, or posted by out for revenge. The site was shut following a public outcry. Some of the women who had appeared in the videos took their own lives.

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South Korea saw linzi dawn porn largest women's rights rally in May, when more than 10, women gathered in Seoul to demand the authorities do more to investigate digital sex Many women have been angered by the arrest of a female model, who is accused of photographing a male colleague naked without his consent and posting the photo online. PM meets French president in Paris, insisting Brexit impasse can be broken energy and creativity".