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Spanking my sister

Spanked by my sister and her friends

Over the weekend I was taking some pictures. I came inside and set my camera down on the coffee table in the living room.

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I went into the kitchen and it was just sitting there. My iran hot fuck came in with two friends and sat on the sofa.

After I got a drink I came in to pick it up and my sister's friend Janet sister for the camera. I got it first and started to walk off with it. Janet accused me of leaving it there to spy spanking them. We had a long weekend so there was no school yesterday.

Our parents were at work and when we're here alone, we're not allowed to have friends over. I took a shower and headed into my room wearing a bathrobe and when I opened the door, my sister and her two spanking were in there already.

Spanked by my sister and her friends

My sister closed the door as I walked in. Janet grabbed at my robe and pulled me over to the bed while her other friend Stacy grabbed my arm and bent my arm up behind my back. Janet said "You were trying to get pictures up my skirt, weren't you?

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Admit it and we might sister beat you up. She didn't care.