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Spanking school days

To Spank or not to Spank

The early evening air was misty, damp and cold as I made my way, wrapped in my new winter coat, through the central London pre-Christmas throng. The question of why Kelly Harmon had agreed to meet up with me was turning over in my mind as I approached the pub we had established as our place of rendezvous and spanking my way down days stairs into the basement bar.

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The incident involving Kelly in was burned into my memory. What I saw that day had excited but unsettled me in equal measure. It was the first time that I had understood I had an interest in corporal punishment and probably always would have.

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Now, 30 years later, I was going to meet up with Kelly again and I planned to talk to her about how this incident had affected both her life and mine. Also, as a very long shot, if the meeting went really well, I school be able to get her agreement to let me write up her experience and publish an article about it. I had school been fully open with Kelly about my intentions after I had tracked her down on Facebook but Spanking was still surprised that she seemed happy to meet up and talk.

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Days set a date and venue for when I was in London on business. I was 18 years old and a cornerstone of the School Hockey First Team.


The rivalry between the schools had been built up over the years and we porn filmn that this would be a tough game.