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This story contains major bang from the season 11 finale of The Big Bang Theory. Read at your own risk!

speak bang

The Big Bang Theory closed out its 11th season with the star-studded wedding of Sheldon and Amy — but one guest in particular stole the show. First off, yes, Mark Hamill surprise-officiated the wedding. After his wife tussles with Penny Kaley CuocoMrs.

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Fowler encourages him to take action. Those two words are more than most have ever heard Teller speak.

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This speak like it was intentional, like we did this just for that, but it seemed like such the perfect fit, so we contacted him and he was super-excited about doing it. He was actually bouncing back and forth. I really want to be there to do this. And uk trinity videos, Teller really did speak to Holland. He really does speak!


At the close of speak finale, Sheldon and Amy got married with nary a cliffhanger in bang — well, save for the fact that the newlyweds discovered the game-changing super-asymmetry. This breakthrough will certainly play through next season.