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You take a seat beside the shower and give yourself a bed bath.

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Look at atk hairy marie way the fat on her large legs hangs. Her tummy is just big enough to cover her fupa. This is updates one and only time our beautiful super pear shaped SSBBW Bibi, strips down and shows us her sexy soft fat body completely naked.

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Watch the impressively heavy honey as she turns and shakes giving us a full view of her super sexy fat ssbbw. Voluptuous BiBi is ssbbw sight to behold with roll upon roll of fat cascading down from one roll onto the other. Her super wide hips are so wobbly that updates fat sways into perpetual motion with just a few moves.

John just loves to be punished. He may have regretted this decision with BiBi. From the time she sits he groans from her massive weight crushing updates his chest. His face is so red you can see it through the nylon mask.

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His grunts and groans are so guttural you can feel the pain of his chest caving in as he is trying to hold on for just another second! There is no lying around ssbbw the sofa for John as BiBi crushes him completely with her massive ass putting one fat roll covered leg up on top of him for extra weight.

At lbs she is out of breath before she even reaches the sink! Listen as she breathes harder and harder as her massive hanging rolls of fat bear their weight down on her legs and feet.

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