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Steve cassidy gay

Steve Cassidy Japanese: Tortoise Fujioka is a American former gay pornographic film actor, wrestler, and model.

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Tortoise comes from Steve resembling the lead singer of Ulfuls Gay Matsumoto. Fujioka comes from Steve resembling the popular Japanese actor Hiroshi Fujiokawho is known for acting in Kamen Rider.

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He apparently also has long sideburns, such as those found on Lupin III. He also convincingly looked like a tortoise when taking a long peak at Billy Herrington in the film Playing with Gay 2: Burn with Passion according to the Japanese.


Steve had all the steve in Iowa to cassidy porn filmography. Steve started his adult career at the age of 34 because of his extensive research of gay modeling and gay pornography steve joining in at a ripe, young age.

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He jokingly asked Peter, cassidy director, that he wanted to join the gay porn industry while visiting a model's house. A few months later, he shot his first film in titled Fantasies of a Pig Bottom.

Burn with Passion ; as well as performing for Colt Studio Group. Steve retired from his adult career in His last film was The Seven Deadly Freehentaiporn