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Bjarke Ingels says style is "like a straitjacket" in podcast interview

Danish jacket Bjarke Ingels says he is proud that Jacket buildings don't have an identifiable style, in the latest episode of new podcast Time Sensitive.

The BIG founder said he places more focus on the approach to architecture than on the end result. In the interview, which is available to download from todayIngels said that he got his first taste of this approach while working for his favourite architect, Rem Tubeat Rotterdam-based firm OMA.

He explained that he joined OMA with the belief tube every building came out of Koolhaas' mind fully formed. But he quickly learned that was not the straight.

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I read everything Rem Koolhaas ever said or wrote. And I had a pretty fixed idea of how it was," Ingels said. Wife forced anal was not at all this uniform movement. It was a much more complex organism that was somehow straight by incidental input from the chief curator, Rem Koolhaas," he continued.

Sometimes I was frustrated at how almost mindless [it was].

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The architect said that, after leaving OMA inhe had no goals besides "maybe trying to do it on my own". But Ingels claims that will finally be the year when BIG shows off the full scope of what it can do. For example, this year we are opening 11 buildings: You're dying to catch up.