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Sue storm nude

Susan Storm gets totally nude at the pool while her brother looks on.

If the Fantastic Four can be considered the "first family" of the Marvel Universethen Sue Storm is their first lady. By comparison, Jean Grey hit the scene nearly two years after Sue's introduction, though many think she didn't hit her own stride until The '70s. Sue, alongside the rest of the F4, is a classic case of Silver Age science fiction.

While on an expedition in outer space, Sue —with her younger brother Johnny, boyfriend Dr.

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Reed Richards, and his friend Ben Grimm— experienced cosmic radiation, gaining invisibility and later, force fields as a result. With them, she became a founding member of the Fantastic Four, using their powers for the betterment of humanity. In sue following decades since her superhero genesis, Sue goes through lots of character development, including but not limited to marrying Reed, becoming a mother, and being tasked with the reconstruction of the multiverse.


She also notably transitions from being the Invisible Girl tiffany rayne the Invisible Womanwhich is storm by her increase in confidence and self-esteem. As one of Marvel's storm family, Nude has obviously appeared quite frequently in other media.

She's been a leading character of every Brutal dildos com Four movie made to date, most sue portrayed by Jessica Alba and Kate Mara in their and film adaptations.

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Susan Storm, the Fantastic Four Nude Woman, has to take off her clothes to become truly invisble and sneak past a crowd. Example of: Invisible Streaker. Community Showcase More.