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Surrender in paradise

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A bushranger, Rusty Swan Ross Gilbertreceives a message that his mother is dying, and sets off with his girlfriend Valda Carolyn Howard and his fellow bushranger Cecil Rod Wissler to arabic porn clips her, with the police in hot pursuit. But the trio, and the pursuing police are swept into a time-warp which sees them transported to contemporary Australia, and to modern-day Surfers Paradise.

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They are confronted by cars, television, the tourist industry, and other shocks of the new, before the story reaches a violent showdown between bushrangers and and cops - led by Sergeant Rutter Errol O'Neill on a beach … which is crowded with indifferent holiday-makers who pay little attention to the shoot-out. Deliciously offbeat, it contains both a time surrender and a style warp. Production company: The film-maker's site for the film reads: Australian release: Running time: The original Cinema Papers production listing suggested a 90 minute timing.

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Box office: For a long time this was true. The film was impossible to find - even during its commercial screening days, it only turned up in short arthouse indie and alternative venues, often packaged with other films.

The film is just paradise rough and ready as its YouTube presentation.