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Tattoo ninja kitty

This is a cute kitty with pink dress and purple wings.

15 Cute & Lovely Hello Kitty Tattoo Designs

It is so adorable. The stars on its pink dress are tiny and lovely. It looks magical. This is the Halloween kitty.

Hello Kitty Ninja Tattoo

Ninja ghost kitty looking all white and scary but still adorable, the black one complete with the red bow, the bats and the spider web — everything is so perfect. One of the simplest hello kitty tattoos, this tattoo is still high on cuteness gradient.

The simplicity makes it all the more sweet. This is another hello kitty tattoo tattoo, a witch kitty.

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It is sitting on a broom stick with a cute purple cape on its back. It is wearing a cap which has a small cute star and it also has a jingle jangle bell. That orange bow is also so kawaii!