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Television X films British Brexit porn parody featuring ‘Teaser May’ and a Donald Trump double

All of the programmes on the main Television X channel are filmed and produced in the UK. Television X started broadcasting under its original name, the Fantasy Channel, in The channel broadcasts from 10pm until 5: Its programmes are around 30 minutes in duration and include titles such as John Cherry: The majority of programmes are heterosexual although some, such as All Girl Initiationfeature lesbianism and some, such as Ladyboy Trainingcover transexualism.

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Some of the channel's programmes films pornographic spoofs on popular mainstream UK television shows. Additional channels were subsequently launched on Sky UK.

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In Novemberto nudist fun videos with a re-launch, the channels were renamed with more descriptive names. Television Television X operated three main channels: The channels also moved spaces. The show was directed by Portway Productions.