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Full-frontal male nudity has become more common in cinema but it's not just about stripping off. Max Kutner meets Matthew Mungle, tellywood of the prosthetic penis.

12 Hot (and Horrifying) TV Nude Scenes

There's a scene in the new film The Overnight, in which characters played by Adam Scott and Jason Schwartzman drop their trousers and dance naked by a pool. It's a nikia renee nude point for Scott's character, Alex, who is embarrassed about his penis size. It's "tiny", he says, compared with the one on Schwartzman's character, which he calls a "giant goddamn horse" penis.

The Overnight premiered at Sundance earlier this year and, as is often the case with nude from executive producers Jay and Mark Duplass, the plot involves ageing young couples who want to experiment with life.

Male nudity: Bollywood A-listers who bared all for films

Scott's Alex and his wife, Emily, played by Taylor Schilling, go to a friend's house and, as the night progresses, penises make their appearance. Viewers can thank Matthew Mungle for the film's poolside reveal. An Oscar and Emmy award-winning make-up artist, Mungle has become the go-to specialist for outfitting Hollywood's members with members, and he nude the pretend-penis business is thriving.

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People are tellywood to get that comedy factor in film.