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This aint dirty jobs

I could have written the bit about my grandfather. He passed away 36 years ago this week and I was already thinking about him quite a bit.

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He was the most amazing person I ever met. He came to dirty U.

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They were married 3 weeks later. He spoke 5 languages fluently, played 6 musical instruments, never went to school a single day in his life, and he could fix anything. Like OP, one of jobs most favorite days of my childhood was when I was 12 and my grandfather took me to work with him.

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This remember helping him carry his tools down the back steps and load them into the trunk of his Ford Galaxie He taught me aint all time favorite cuss word when he said, "Move all that shitcrap out of the way. Today, just like OP, I just call someone to get something fixed. I've almost forgotten the joy of getting things done with my hands with the gentle guidance of a master.

Thanks for the memories, Mike Rowe and goldins.