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Absenteeism of secretarial staff is unavoidable in law firms. But the cost of absenteeism needn't be as high.

Traditionally the cost absenteeism, whether it be holidays, sick leave, maternity leave or any other cause, is calculated on a direct monetary basis. However this doesn't account for the direct impact on fee earners time and efficiency. If your firm is under resourced at any time the ability of a fee earner to generate billable hours is significantly reduced. This 'opertunity cost' of this far out weighs the inherent cost of holiday pay etc. T-Pro provide a flexible dictation system that allows you to outsource transcription tasks as and when you need.

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If tpro feel tpro firm could benefit from learning more about our services contact T-Pro now. She efficiently manages and maintains a busy work environment complete with a friendly and talented team with cindy sampson sex tape skills paramount to the workplace. These skills range from tpro guaranteed speedy turnaround due to proficient typing skills, to a strong command of the English language that enables eagle-eyed spotting of errors and the production of quality documentation.

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With a reputation for being attentive, efficient, reliable and professional, Catherine has built a strong reputation where client satisfaction is of the utmost importance and the work really tpro speak for itself. See you there.