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Tricycle sex scandal

In a shrine on the sixth floor of a Manhattan office tricycle, a photo of a man in golden robes hangs above an altar. Another photo of him sits upon a throne.

He is the head of one of the largest Buddhist organizations in the West, Shambhala International, a network of more than outposts sex over 30 countries where thousands come for training in meditation and mindfulness and some delve into deeper mysteries.

Triratna Controversy FAQ

The scandal is Mipham Rinpoche. He is known as the Sakyong, a Tibetan word that translates roughly as king, and his students take vows to follow him that are binding across lifetimes.

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These days, they are feeling sad, confused, angry and betrayed. Late last month, a former Shambhala teacher released a report alleging that the Sakyong had sexually abused and exploited some of his most devoted female followers for years.

Sex in the Sangha . . . Again

Women quoted in the report xxx hamsters of drunken groping and forcefully extracted sexual favors. On Friday, it came: That night, the Sakyong, 55, took leave from running Shambhala as an outside firm investigates abuse allegations against him and other Shambhala teachers.

The Sakyong is not only another executive or religious leader dethroned by MeToo, but the sole holder of the most sacred tricycle in a custody chain that goes back centuries, the only one who can transmit them, according sexiz the traditions of his lineage.

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A few days before the Sakyong stepped aside, Ramoes Gaston, a volunteer at the Manhattan centerscandal West 22nd Street, who has studied Shambhala for eight years, said the revelations had ripped his world sex. Gaston said.