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This online BAM is now available to the public. Some changes have been made to methods since the previous version.

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The members of the BAM Council are listed below. There is also e-mail contact information for each Chapter. Chapter numbers have been retained from the previous version.

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However, for this Table of Contents, chapters have been grouped by category. Please send comments to Karen Jinneman.

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The following Kuwaiti sex porn and Appendices have been archived. Karen Jinneman.

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However, not bam methods appearing in the BAM have been collaboratively evaluated by one or more of these organizations. Innovations in methods for the microbiological analysis of food continue to appear at a rapid pace.

Edition 8 of the Bacteriological Analytical Manual BAM-8 contained numerous refinements of procedures and updates of references from the bam. The list of commercially available test kits and the discussion of rapid methods in Appendix 1 were thoroughly revised.

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