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Up skirt stairs

As I left work today I entered the parking garage behind an attractive Rihanna look-alike wearing a tight mini-skirt. The garage has an elevator in addition to the stairs, so one would assume that any woman who wears clothes that revealing would take the elevator over the stairs if she didn't skirt to be oogled by other stairgoers.

As we entered the garage she chose the stairs over the elevator, so either stairs forgot that she was wearing a skin-tight mini-skirt or she wasn't concerned with what is seen and what is unseen.

Two teenagers in stairs upskirt !

I gave her the 3 step head stairs that I allow any stairgoer, male or female, as standard stair etiquette. As soon as I took the first step I immediately realized that the standard 3 stair lead was not going to be enough to keep my eyes from wandering and hence, my soul from eternal damnation. Knowing that I lacked the discipline to control my eyes which are really just a periscope for our penixes, amirite? Almost as if she knew what I was thinking, she immediately tripled her pace and started galloping up the remaining stairs as if skirt were evading a convicted rapist.

This left me feeling like even more of a creep than if I had actually been caught looking, which is when I realized that taking out the phone was probably not the correct distraction, as she probably equated this to me trying to take some kind of creeper upskirt photo to sell to SluggerWV. When the ordeal was over, I was left feeling like a dirty perv even though I had made a very strong effort NOT to be one.


Another fail story for the mental scrapbook. You did what any red maria ozawa bukakke male would do.

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No, the fact that she was so acutely aware of my internal battle with my conscience that she started jogging lesbian massage porn movies the stairs, in heels, made me FEEL like a perv. I already know where I actually stand on the perv-scale.