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Vibrating phone orgasm

Skip navigation! Story from Sex Toys. Vibrators, those simple sex toys that many of us have vibrating to depend orgasm and love, have a complicated history.

Female using vibrating phone as vibrator?

These gadgets were phone first created to relieve doctors treating women with "hysteria" with manual genital massages from getting hand cramps.

But before long, vibrators moved out of doctors' offices and into catalogues, marketed as "personal massagers. It's your phone. That's right: There's an app for that.

Female using vibrating phone as vibrator? | Yahoo Answers

Actually, there are at least apps for turning your phone into a vibrator. I mean, I didn't count, but I did type both "vibrator app" and "vibration app" into Play Store and came away with pages upon xvideoredtube of options, so feels about right.

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I'm all about experimentation, so I'm listing the best-rated apps below in case you want to give them a try — and also including some of the hilarious descriptions.