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In the midst of her turn, some audiences were quick to react vickie her response, prompting her to pause. It must be noted that Rushton was the one who was supposed to speak during the particular portion as the question was directed to her and not to spectators.

Intelligence and eloquence are usually judged during this round, according to a pageant-centered website. Some commented that the candidate should not point a finger at how the audience behaved for her performance.

Everyone moves.

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Everyone vickie. Audience members of a beauty pageant are not particularly bound to follow rules but they must be silent at certain times to show respect to the candidates and the organizers of the vickie. According to a pageant-related blogwhen a candidate performs her walk onstage, the audience is generally expected to be silent.

Etiquette review as Vickie Rushton gets distracted at Binibining Pilipinas

They are also supposed to control their coughing by learning how to fucking on the beach stories the sounds with a handkerchief or with their hands. Audience members are also expected to refrain from making other sounds that may disturb fellow members and the people on the stage. Binibining Pilipinas candidate Vickie Marie Rushton wearing in an evening gown.

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Catriona to the rescue as crown of Binibining Pilipinas Gazini Ganados slides off. Comments of a Binibining Pilipinas candidate on depression get flak.