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We rubbed our pussies together

Once the door was closed, the girls felt a strong breeze on their skin again, giving them goose bumps and hardening their slightly big nipples and tiny clitoris.

Lauren's Visit

I'm just so happy that we're finaly touching each other! Blossom and Horny japanese cheerleader approached Bubbles and the sisters stood in a triangle. They placed their hands on each other's an pressed their breasts together.

The two older sisters then said softly in her ears "Right now. With that said, all three girls engaged in a kiss. They moaned in each other's mouths as their mushed breasts rubbed together, feeling their nipples flicked against each other.

They pulled away as Blossom stated "Our first lesbian kiss. I'd love to watch you two make out while rubbing against each other.

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Blossom and Buttercup licked their lips while looking at each other with lust. Buttercup then walked backwards as Blossom walked towards her, pinning her younger sister to the wall.

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