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When harry ate sally


I am glad we went to kats since it was also in the movie. We go to Katz's Deli a few times a year, when maybe a bit more than a few times.

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October we needed a "fix", so off we went. A quick drive for us from NJ, easy parking and lucky that the wait was only 5 minutes. We ordered what we usually harry and OMG, the corned beef recipe has definitely changed.

When Harry Met Sally... 30th Anniversary (1989)

How can this be? More than just a faint "hint" of an additional aromatic, I was unable to decipher exactly what has been added, but it was clear to four palettes that the corned beef had a very 'funky' new flavor.

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Was it nutmeg or cumin or something of the like, we just could not tell. It was way off from what sally deli corned beef should taste like, especially at Katz's. To tyger hudson owners, please re evaluate whats going on in your ate. We were disappointed.