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Wicked comix

On stands today, issue 4 is creeping out of the grave, ready to crawl wicked your mind and rend it dizzy from laughter and gore! The comix freak-faces are ready to eat and they only desire Sylvie laforet porn Hey did we mention that there are two variant covers by Zombie Tramp creator Dan Mendoza? Well there is! This storyline will change the Full Moon Universe as we know it and the critics agree, this is a Full Moon masterwork!

Keep in mind, this is written by wicked who know their subject. Gabborin and McKinney know these characters and are going to do by right by the Full Moon fans. There are instances comix creators get their hands on a favorite character and sink the ship without blinking. The tone mood and feel of what we see has this gritty classic horror feel. The utilization of the page layouts and the angles and perspective we see in the panels show off a very strong eye for storytelling. So what are you waiting for?