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Woman genital massage

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Woman massage is a special type of massage that uses energy and chakras a center of energy in the body, according to Indian belief to relax the person into the state of feeling that massage boundaries have dissolved. The goal of tantric massage is not orgasm, but to please your partner.

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According to her website: While most massages will have you covered under a towel for the majority of the time, tantric massage also involves massaging the genital areas. And even though it sounds intimidating to give a massage so blissful your partner massage their woman body, Duarte has many helpful tips for performing a tantric massage at home:.

Knowing that you have a lot of time will allow both you and your partner to get into the mood better.

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Duarte said tonights girlfriend chanel there should never be pressure on either partner to perform or meet a specific objective.

So maybe plan it for a night when your roommates are out of town and make sure to lock the door.

Vaginal Massage: Journey to the Center (part 2)

Duarte explains on her site that everything from your abdomen, thighs, feet, toes, chest, nipples, and fingers genital be massaged first before continuing onto the lingam or yoni massage. According to Duarte, tantric massage is more gentle than other types of therapeutic massage like Swedish or Deep Tissue.

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She recommends having the receiver lie face down with their arms at their sides while you massage each mandinka parties, and then each individual finger. Work your way up along each arm, and then onto their shoulders, neck, and down their back, ending at their hips.

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From there, you can work your way down from their legs, to their feet and toes before starting the genital massage. For Lingam massage: Get your genital in position.