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Women caught peeing

The uncivilized nature of travels into a wild country that can only be reached by boat are what draw people in, and it is also what keeps people away.

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Dealing with the decided lack of modern facilities was high on my list of questions, caught me to more than one late night Peeing session. While in my head, I was mostly ready to accept the adventure of remote wilderness living, I hidden camera of wife had some burning questions about going to the bathroomstaying clean, and claiming some standard of civility while river rafting.

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I feel like I need to disclose that I am certainly not a high-maintenance woman. My beauty routine, if you can even call it that, can be completed in 30 minutes or less.

Watch the Hilarious Moment an El Paso Woman Gets Caught Peeing in Public on ‘Live PD’

But neither am I natural enough that I can make little braids with my pit hair. So, not only was I curious about how the hygiene would work for a woman on the river, but whether it would really work for me.

I began to make a mental checklist just to draw boundaries for how far I was willing to go for the sake of adventure. Peeing to go for a week without showering?

You Want Me to Pee Where?

So, with my lines clearly drawn and my solar shower packed, I set off into the woods to fully embrace the freedom of nature while also keeping my dignity and cleanliness intact thank you very much. The solution is to make sure all the pee goes directly into women water where it can be diluted and women downstream.

I had already wrapped caught mind around squatting and peeing in the forest, so squatting by the river had to be pretty close.

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The river is where the people are; there is no privacy.