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World of henry paris

It is my dream, it is my goal, it is my idea to make a film that the story sucks them in, and when they spurt out that joy juice, they just got to sit in it.

ON TV - Adults Only - "The World of Henry Paris" (Open,1981)

I want to make a film like that. All the old jokes about the bad acting and the dumb dialogue are irrelevant; the Internet allows the top ebony actress of porn in bite-sized pieces, without even the fast-forwarding that changed the form when videotape took over the business in the early s.

Metzger always wanted to make movies. I was totally seduced by this magical world.

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When Metzger started out in the business at age 23, the only work he could find in his native New York was as a film editor. He did post-production henry on training and propaganda films for the Motion Picture Unit during his stint in the Air Force. It was a flop. He went back to editing, working for foreign distributor Janus Films, cutting trailers for pictures by Ingmar Bergman, Francois Truffaut, Antonioni. He made a deal with a film lab, to which he still owed money for world directorial debut. World of Henry Paris

And with that, he was a distributor. But Paris wanted to direct.

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And why?