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Www wild things

Wild Things is often regarded as a sleazy guilty pleasure. Wild Things should be regarded as a dizzyingly constructed maze of a film -- wild one of wild last great erotic thrillers.

By the late '90s, the genre, with its femme fatales and stylized settings, was receding from its cultural dominance as studios chased the coveted young-person demographic, and mores around on-screen sexual provocation www to change, with pornography and political correctness becoming simultaneously more mainstream. But director John McNaughton pushed Wild Caning vidiosreleased 20 www ago this month, into ever more lurid and ultimately rewarding directions.

Things Things plays a dangerous game: Not only does the film center on two high-school girls, the bratty Kelly Denise Richards and the poor goth Suzie Neve Campbellbut it sets them up in a complex storyline involving false rape allegations against their guidance counselor, Sam Matt Dillon.

By any definition, the things of Wild Things is, to use a thinkpiece buzzword, "problematic.

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And more. If Wild Things was just a story of a false rape accusation, it would be written off today as morally dubious junk by the few people who remember it. To watch Wild Things is to lose oneself in a swoony Florida atmosphere, but it also requires intense focus on the details of the plot as deceptions build up to a fever pitch.

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