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Yasmin money talks

Yasmin Le Bon on #MeToo in the fashion industry: I haven’t seen a thing, not a thing

Heather Hiles founded ed yasmin company Pathbrite in before selling it to one of her investors in Here, she talks raising moneyselling her company, talks Silicon Valley's diversity problem. I worked in education money and investing for 25 years, and I saw how portfolios--a digital way to organize images and other types of media--could be used as a learning tool.

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I saw an opportunity for educational institutions to use them to help students, and I wanted to provide an easy way for people to archive or showcase their work. Stanford was our first customer.

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I had used my own capital to build a prototype of my product, but to get security clearances to have access to student data like transcripts, we needed a new level of stability that required us to raise outside funds.

The investor community licking xxx Silicon Valley likes patterns they can recognize.

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Maybe they think the best entrepreneurs are dudes of a certain age who wear hoodies and come out of certain schools. I thought I could get more respect and acknowledgment for my experience, so I went to New York to raise money. Cengage had invested in us and was using our engineering talent.