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She first stumbled upon the unique and creative hobby of cosplay at the Anime Expo in as a young fan who yaya no skills or training in sewing or crafting. However, she always had a creative bent of mind especially when it came to pen and nude beach beauties illusions, and she wasted little time in adapting to the art of costume making.

Yaya is a sex video self-learner, due to the lack of funds and resources to join any fashion or costume design classes.

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According to Yaya, her recurring failures and persistence are two of the greatest teachers in her journey. Her artistic and grand creations have received various awards and acclaim nationwide, and she gets invited to appear as a Guest, Panelist, Judge, Performer and Host to more than conventions and events globally. Irrespective of where she has reached professionally courtesy of Cosplay, Yaya is passionate about staying true to what made her enter this field originally — fun and creativity.

It is her hard work, unbridled passion and contagious enthusiasm that has helped Yaya make Cosplay become respectable and an art form in the world of fans and art communities.